Elitewood - Ultra Series

The Ultra Series is embossed with a deep driftwood texture that resembles the natural appearance and beauty of real wood. It has a multi-step coating system chemically cleans the aluminum sheet followed by a baked-on primer coat. A Kynar 500 (tm) finish coat is roller applied then baked-on. Typical properties of the Kynar finish such as chemical and stain resistance, exterior durability, fade and color resistance, is why they are rated “Excellent.”

Elitewood - Classic Series

Embossed with a cedar texture to mimic the look of cut wood. What makes the Classic Series different from other outdoor aluminum products is the multi-step coating process. This process involves baking on a primer, followed by then baking on a polyester finish with a texture additive, making it look and feel more like natural wood. The Classic Series comes in a variety of colors and end cut options.

Ultra or Classic series. Driftwood or Cedar finish. Over ten color options. The possibilities are endless and the ability to customize your look is all at your Fingertips.